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Top 5 Sneakers for Summer 2023

School's out, the weather's getting warm, there's food on the grill, and it's officially summer! Here is a list of my top 5 favorite sneakers that you should consider adding to your collection and putting in your rotation this Summer 2023. Of course, this list is based on my own personal opinion, and there are many other sneakers that could have easily made the list; but I picked these 5 sneakers over all of the others because they are popular and in fashion right now, and they are overall great sneakers. Let's get into it.

5. New Balance 550
Retail: $110

New Balance 550 Turtledove

Over the last 2-3 years the New Balance 550 has become one of the most popular sneakers on the market. The New Balance 550 is based off of a classic 80s basketball sneaker, which is similar to another sneaker that will appear later on this list (no spoiler alerts here). While the New Balance 550 is lower on the list than the yet to be named sneaker it is a little more widely available, which still makes this a great option to consider as a Summer 2023 pickup. At the $110 price point you get good quality material on a classic pair of sneakers that are fairly comfortable and look amazing. Low top sneakers are incredibility wearable in the summer because they look good with shorts, pants, and other summer attire, and the New Balance 550 is easily one of my favorite low top sneakers. While there are more hyped New Balance 550s and New Balance 550 collaborations (collabs) that may be harder to come by you shouldn't have any problems walking into your local sneaker store and having tons of colorways and options to choose from. Whether you want an everyday pair of sneakers to beat up or you're looking for something that is more hyped, the New Balance 550 can meet your needs.

4. Nike Zoom Vomero 5

Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Mystic Navy
The Nike Zoom Vomero 5 originally released back in 2011 as a running sneaker. Unlike most of the timeless sneakers included on this list, the Nike Zoom Vomero 5 actually faded out of existence rather quickly. Oddly enough, Nike didn't stop making Zoom Vomeros after the Zoom Vomero 5, and we are actually currently on the Zoom Vomero 16 with annual releases. For whatever reason the Nike Zoom Vomero 5 has started to build up a mass following, re-releasing a few times since 2011, and catching more traction in 2018. Now in 2023, the Nike Zoom Vomero 5 is making a name for itself in the sneaker community. This sneaker features a classic running aesthetic that a lot of people are into right now, and with the unique upper and eye catching colorways that have been dropping the Nike Zoom Vomero 5s are definitely drawing people in and turning heads. As a running sneaker, the Nike Zoom Vomero 5 is an incredibly comfortable sneaker, and you should be able to wear them all day without having to worry about your feet having issues. As the Nike Zoom Vomero 5's popularity is on the rise, and some colorways do tend to sell out, check out the release date of the colorways you are interest in, and you shouldn't have too hard of a time grabbing the ones you want. This is the sleeper pick on the list, and one day you'll be able to say "I was on them Zoom Vomero 5s way back in 2023."

3. Nike Dunk Low
Retail: $110+
Nike Dunk Low Panda
I went back and forth between placing the Nike Dunk Low at #3 or #2, and while the #2 sneaker does slightly edge out the Nike Dunk Low it does have one major downside (*foreshadowing rant). Like the New Balance 550, the Nike Dunk [High] is a classic sneaker that originally came out in the 80s, and although released many years down the road the Nike Dunk Low is still an incredibly popular sneaker today. In fact, it is so popular that Nike is spamming us with tons of different styles and colorways, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time finding a pair of Nike Dunk Lows in your local sneaker stores. Like most of the sneakers on this list, certain colorways sell out quicker than others, but with a variety of options of colors and styles on a classic, clean Nike silhouette I am sure you will easily find something that you like that is easy to rock. In fact, there are so many options of Nike Dunks that are available that there is a whole sneaker community of collectors who solely focus on collecting Dunks. From casuals to die hard sneakerheads, everybody knows the Nike Dunk, and everybody loves the Nike Dunk. As long as Nike continues to spam us with different colorways, the opportunities for Summer 2023 are endless!

2. Air Jordan 4
Retail: $200-210
Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 Pine Green
The Air Jordan 4 is easily the most hyped sneaker on this list. Let's be real, if at any point in the past two years you've logged onto TikTok or Instagram or went to the mall or walked to class or took the dog outside or showed up to your nephew's 3rd birthday party or... you get the point; you've undoubtedly seen at least a handful of people rocking some variation of the Air Jordan 4. In the past year or two the Air Jordan 4 has become the most popular Air Jordan silhouette on the market. Before the Air Jordan 4 became the powerhouse Air Jordan silhouette we had the Air Jordan 1 holding down the throne for a few years. As time goes on and trends change eventually most Air Jordan silhouettes get to hold the #1 headband at some point, and the cycle continues. In 2023, the Air Jordan 4 is the sneaker to have! *Unfortunately, because this sneaker is so popular it is easily the most difficult out of all of the sneakers on this list to obtain. If you want this sneaker for retail you will have to put in the footwork to enter raffles and visit stores on release day and pray to the sneaker powers that be. Even then, the Air Jordan 4 is still an extremely difficult sneaker to obtain, and the best way to increase your odds is to know the ins-and-outs of the sneaker game or know someone that does. If you don't care to put in that much time, energy, and effort for a pair of sneakers (who could blame you?) then the resell market is always another option. When it comes to the resell market the saying goes "4 equals 400," as in $400. While the price of sneakers on the resell market depends on a lot of factors such as size, color blocking (i.e., pattern style), and colorway, most Air Jordan 4s don't start out that expensive, but it doesn't take long for many colorways to eventually get to that point. So if you want to buy resell, I would suggest keeping your eye on a pair that you like and purchasing them roughly a week or two after the release date... Back to the sneaker. The upside of the Air Jordan 4's insane popularity is that Nike and Jordan Brand are pushing out a ton of different colorways, making them super easy to rock. I wouldn't recommend running in them or playing basketball, or really doing any physical activity as they are a pretty heavy and bulky sneaker, but as a lifestyle sneaker the mid cut of the Air Jordan 4 goes well with shorts, skirts, dresses, etc., making this sneaker a top pick to add to your collection and turn heads all Summer 2023!

Honorable Mentions

Nike Air Force 1 Low
Retail: $110

Nike Air Force 1 Low

"Ups," "Uptowns," "Airs," whatever you call them, the Nike Air Force 1 Low is the most classic and timeless sneaker on this list. With that said, you can't not put this sneaker somewhere on the list. The Nike Air Force 1 Low was released back in the 80s, and to this day it is still one of the most popular, most wearable, and most sought after sneakers on the market. Let's get the jokes out of the way; when you think about the Nike Air Force 1 Low you probably instantly think about the triple white colorway. However, if you're coming with that Black Air Force energy that's none of my business nor my concern. While the Air Force 1 Low does come in many different styles and colorways, the safest bet is going to be them all white 1s. There are also other hyped Nike Air Force 1 collabs, most notably the Nike Air Force 1 Drake NOCTA Certified Lover Boy, that are very similar to the all white 1s with special detailing; however, the standard Nike Air Force 1 Low triple white colorway is pretty easy to get your hands on. People have been upset with Nike for the recent price jump from $90 to $110, but even at that $110 price point you are still getting a clean, durable, easy to wear sneaker. With all of the collabs (Tiffany, Off-White, and more) and unique colorways, the triple white colorway is the most "summer" colorway of them all. What better to wear this summer than triple white 1s with a classic organic Cherchez L'amont White Tee?

New Balance 1906R
Retail: $155-170

ALD x New Balance 1906R

Similar to the Nike Zoom Vomero 5, the popularity of the New Balance 1906R came out of nowhere. Running sneaker may be pushing their way in the front door to take back a piece of the sneaker community that was rightfully theirs. The upper of the New Balance 1906R is inspired by classic retro running sneakers, so if you are a fan of the retro running sneaker aesthetic then you are going to love the 1906R. The complex and detailed upper gives this sneaker a unique look, and at the same time you can rock these sneakers and still stay under the radar. The New Balance 1906R isn't a neck turner, but when someone gives you props while you're rocking these, just know that they are hip to the sneaker game. Similar to the Nike Zoom Vomero 5, as a running sneaker the New Balance 1906R is very comfortable on foot and fit for an all day wear. All in all this sneaker is super wearable, super clean, and overall a good looking sneaker. As someone who has always been into retro running sneakers and has been a big fan of the dad vibe aesthetic the hypebeast in me struggled with not putting this sneaker in the top 5, possibly top 3. However, I understand that the retro running sneaker dad vibe is not the fit for everyone, so if you are not into retro running sneakers grab another great option off the list with a less busy upper; like the #1 sneaker on this list. At the end of the day buy what you like!

1. Air Jordan 1 Low
Retail: $110-140

Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Toe

The Air Jordan 1 Low is a great all-around sneaker as it has a wide range in style and versatility. The Air Jordan 1 High is arguably the most iconic basketball sneaker of all-time, so what better way to preserve sneaker history while adding the flexibility and versatility of the low cut design? Don't get me wrong, you could get away with rocking highs, and even mids, if you prefer the higher cuts, but during the summer is usually when I bring out the lows for their time to shine, again, due to the versatility they provide. If you want to wear shorts, skirts, dresses, or other summer attire the Air Jordan 1 Low provides a sleek and seamless look, but if you want to stay closer to the classic look of the Air Jordan 1 High you can also opt for pants instead. You can wear the Air Jordan 1 Low with short socks if you want to show off more of the leg, or tattoos, or any sort of anklet or other jewelry, or the Air Jordan 1 Low looks just as good with long socks if that's your aesthetic preference. The Air Jordan 1 Low OG "Black Toe" (pictured above) is not only one of the Air Jordan 1 Lows releasing this summer (July 28th) that I am most excited for, but also one of the sneakers releasing this summer that I am most excited for in general. Sticking to the theme of range, style, and versatility, which is clearly the high point of this sneaker, the Air Jordan 1 Low comes in a ton of different colorways, color blocking, and materials; so regardless of what you are looking for the Air Jordan 1 Low is likely going to have you covered.

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The sneakers on this list will transform your sneaker collection and prepare you to walk fashionably into the summer. Do you agree or disagree with the list? What about the order? Which one is your favorite? What got left off that should have been included? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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