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Denzel L. Jones, PhD, LMFT

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Hey! My name is Denzel Lamont, and I am a professor at a graduate university; but why is that important to you? Well, I am a professor at a social justice-oriented university whose mission is to advance social, economic, and environmental justice by providing transformative education in a global context that fosters innovation and inspires social action.

Additionally, I am also extremely interested in and passionate about fashion. Fashion is essential to many of us as it can be a means of self-expression and representation of who we are as individuals and people within our communities. As someone who has done, and continues to do, a lot of work around identity and becoming empowered to express one's authentic self (in addition to being genuinely curious of the stories of those around me from similar and diverse backgrounds), I have found clothing choices (or lackthereof choice) to be a significant and purposeful bridge to connection with ourselves and others.

So one day I thought, "Why not combine my passion for sociocultural-political change and action with my interest in fashion?"... and thus Cherchez L'amont was given birth!

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Cherchez L'amont

Cherchez L'amont's buttery-soft clothing and apparel offers support and comfort throughout the day; whether for work, outdoor activity, relaxation, dress, or style. All aspects of what we do is centered around ethical and sustainable practices. We are committed to making clothing and apparel through responsible processes and have minimized our ecological footprint at every stage: from production, to your doorstep, and beyond.

The origin of the name Cherchez L'amont is a derivative of the French expression "Cherchez la femme" (look for the woman) via Cherchez LaGhost (by Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan). In French, cherchez means "seek" or "look for," and l'amant means "the lover." Lamont (Denzel's middle name) substitutes l'amant; thus, the origin of the name Cherchez L'amont — seek for the lover within yourself. In seeking for the lover, one must extend love to those around them, extend love toward their communities, extend love toward the environment, and extend love toward healing; and that love is founded upon and cultivated by fostering authentic and genuine love towards oneself. Cherchez L'amont is not just a brand, or a name, but a way of being in the world!