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Top 5 Affordable Sneakers Under $150
Welcome to the sneaker game! Where hypebeasts try to convince casual sneaker lovers and enthusiast that they need to be spending $500+ on each pair of sneakers they own for their collection to be considered legitimate and noteworthy. This tale could not be further from the truth, and a good sneaker collection can be put together with an affordable budget. Here is a list of my top 5 affordable sneakers under $150 to add to your sneaker collection.
Juneteenth: A Dream Still Deferred?
As we embark on another summer the time has come again to recognize Juneteenth. I wanted to write a piece for Juneteenth, but I did not want it to be another repetitive monologue that only focuses on the history of the holiday. I hope to continue the conversation by offering my own personal reflections and provide a path for us all to support one another this upcoming holiday.
Top 5 Sneakers for Summer 2023
School's out, the weather's getting warm, there's food on the grill, and it's officially summer! Here is a list of my top 5 favorite sneakers that you should consider adding to your collection and putting in your rotation this Summer 2023.