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Top 5 Affordable Sneakers Under $150

Welcome to the sneaker game! Where hypebeasts try to convince casual sneaker lovers and enthusiast that they need to be spending $500+ on each pair of sneakers they own for their collection to be considered legitimate and noteworthy. I am here to tell you that this tale could not be further from the truth, and it is one of the biggest myths that lives in the sneaker community. If we're being completely honest with ourselves, if you have a few pairs of sneakers that you spend around $100 on, and you take good care of them, most of the everyday people that you pass while walking down the street won't even know the difference between your $100 sneakers and some else's $700 sneakers. The secret is to know what models, silhouettes, styles, and colorways to add to your collection and wardrobe that will turn heads without sinking your pockets. No need to figure that out alone; that's why I am here to help.

Here is a list of my top 5 affordable sneakers under $150 to add to your sneaker collection. Of course, this list is based on my own personal opinion, and there are many other sneakers that could have easily made the list, but whether you are new to the sneaker game and are looking for an affordable entry point, you are an avid sneaker collector looking to add some variety to your collection and wardrobe, or you just want to pick up a new pair or two, I've got you covered!

*All current market prices are based on average men's sizing, so expect grade school sizes to be even more pocket-friendly

5. Air Jordan 1 Low OG "Black Cement" / Air Jordan 1 High OG "White Cement"
Retail: $140, $180; Current Market: ≈$140, ≈$120

Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black CementAir Jordan 1 Retro High OG White Cement

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG "Black Cement" recently released on 06/24/2023, and the current market price is going right around the same price as the retail release price. The most obvious detail on this sneaker is the elephant print (inspired by the Air Jordan Retro 3) that fills the toe cap, the heel, and most of the upper. This sneaker has a predominately black upper that is accented by the elephant print along with white, sail, and grey colors throughout. The neutral colorway gives this sneaker a lot of flexibility and versatility to put together with many different fits while also providing some style and pop with the elephant print; making the sneaker the highlight of a simple, basic fit or the accent to a more extravagant fit. The Air Jordan 1 Low is also a perfect summer sneaker for all of the reasons mentioned in my previous blog — Top 5 Sneakers for Summer 2023. If you are a fan of this sneaker but prefer high top sneakers over low top sneakers, another option is the Air Jordan 1 High OG "White Cement," which is a high top version featuring a predominately white upper accented by elephant print. Even more appealing, the Air Jordan 1 High OG "White Cement" is currently going for well under the release day retail price. Regardless if you prefer the lows or the highs, the Martin Luther King Jr. Typographic Portraiture Tee was made for these!

4. Air Jordan 5 x DJ Khaled We The Best "Crimson Bliss"
Retail: $225; Current Market: ≈$150

Air Jordan 5 x DJ Khaled We The Best Crimson Bliss

The Air Jordan 5 x DJ Khaled We The Best "Crimson Bliss" is a tricky sneaker to include on the list, and it only makes the list due to a technicality. I'm breaking the wall and bending the rules ever so slightly here. When I originally sat down to create this list the market price for this sneaker was around $150. While they can still be found for around $150, depending on the size, in less than a week the average market price has risen to about $160180. Nonetheless, a lot of people are sleeping on the Air Jordan 5 x DJ Khaled We The Best "Crimson Bliss," and they've been hitting outlets and going on sale. Rumor has it that many sneakerheads didn't pick these up solely because they think DJ Khaled is lame and corny; to each their own, I guess. You may not love DJ Khaled, you may not love the colorway, or you may have a hard time putting them together with fits; but if you are looking for something that is different and unique to add to your collection for just over $150 this is a really great option. I have these in my collection; paying the initial $225 plus tax retail on release day, and I don't at all regret overpaying for them. Of all of the sneakers in my collection, this sneaker is easily one of the best when it comes to the overall quality and feel of the material. I cannot think of another sneaker that you can find with similar material quality at a price this affordable. While it is a great sneaker to add to your rotation it is not an everyday wear. The Air Jordan 5 x DJ Khaled We The Best "Crimson Bliss" is a great sneaker if you want to switch it up a bit and even test yourself by putting together unique and diverse fits and challenge yourself to match with different pieces as opposed to defaulting to the classic neutral, red/black/white, blue/white, and other standard colorways. This sneaker also comes with four different lace options (crimson bliss, leche blue, sail, and black) to allow for even further versatility in the style and customization department. Looking to have some fun? Try styling these with the Classic Blanched Almond Tee or the Peach Pink Sweatshirt!

3. Nike Dunk Low "White Pure Platinum"
Retail: $100; Current Market: ≈$100

Nike Dunk Low White Pure Platinum

The Nike Dunk Low "White Pure Platinum" is currently priced right around or above retail, and you should be able to find them in your local retail shop. Nike Dunk Lows are similar to Air Jordan 1 Lows, so if you like Air Jordan 1 Lows, or you are just looking for something that is slightly different, this is a solid option. Everybody likes Nike Dunks Lows, and being able to find an affordable pair of Dunk Lows in the present day is amazing because we previously saw a huge spike in Dunk Low prices where nearly every pair, regardless of material, colorway, or colorblocking, was reselling for over $200 in the most affordable sizes. To be able to get a clean sneaker similar to the Air Jordan 1 Low "Neutral Grey" at an affordable price point is definitely a great aspect of this sneaker. This is a clean, solid colorway that features white and pure platinum throughout; giving it an essential look that can be rocked with many different fits. As Nike Dunk Lows were also mentioned in the Top 5 Sneakers for Summer 2023 blog, the Nike Dunk Low "White Pure Platinum" is one that you can't go wrong with. With so many different outfit options, feel free to explore the entire Cherchez L'amont Collection to throw together your best fit (and tag us on Instagram), or for a simple, classic fit you can't go wrong with the Classic White Tee!

2. Nike Air Ship PE SP "Every Game Diffused Blue"
Retail: $140; Current Market: ≈$90

Nike Air Ship PE SP Every Game Diffused Blue

I was waiting for the price of this sneaker to go down, and thank goodness it did! However, I did cheat a little by adding this specific colorway to the list. The current market price for the Nike Air Ship PE SP "Every Game Diffused Blue" is around $140... in my size. However, the current market price reaches a bit over the $150 bar in most other sizes. With that said, don't be too quick to jump the gun and mark these off of your potential cop list. Literally every other colorway is very affordable with market prices settling around the $90 price point, making it the most affordable sneaker on this list. The Nike Air Ship is available in a ton of essential colorways, and the Air Ship silhouette itself gives off nostalgic vibes with a classic, OG look. Many people aren't aware of this, but when Michael Jordan first made his NBA debut on October 26, 1984, he didn't wear his now famous signature sneaker, the Air Jordan 1 High OG. In fact, the Air Jordan 1 High OG wasn't released, or even fully ready, until 1985. What similar looking sneaker did Michael Jordan wear for the first half of his rookie season? You guessed it; none other than the Nike Air Ship. The Nike Air Ship is another sneaker on the list that has range as it goes with a lot of different fits and can be dressed up or dressed down. Compared to most sneakers, this sneaker is constructed with solid materials, and it is an overall clean sneaker to add to your rotation. Don't be surprised if you catch me on Instagram in the future rocking these with a fresh Cherchez L'amont Fit, because I definitely plan on adding these to my collection!

Honorable Mentions

New Balance 9060 "Team Forest Green"
Retail: $150; Current Market: ≈$130

New Balance 9060 Team Forest Green

I know, I get it. Jordan and Nike is where all of the hype is; which is why most of the sneakers on this list falls under one of those two brands. However, I've been preaching about New Balance for some time now, and I will continue to sing my New Balance praises from the mountaintop. New Balance has been killing it lately, and there are some really dope colorways on some really dope New Balance models. The New Balance 9060 "Team Forest Green," recently released on 04/04/23, is a really clean colorway on a dope model that you can put together with a few different fits. I can appreciate the uniqueness of this sneaker as it masterfully combines green, black, and blue colors in a way that somehow makes sense. From the color choice to the materials used this sneaker gives me collab vibes that can be had at an affordable price of around $130. This sneaker may not be the neck breaking showstopper, but if you are looking for something to stay under the radar while still catching a few subtle stares, the New Balance 9060 "Team Forest Green" is the sneaker you are looking for. For a basic summer look you can pair these with the Classic Black Tee, but with this being a fall sneaker be on the lookout for some heat dropping in the fall!

New Balance 550 "Turtledove"
Retail: $120; Current Market: ≈$140 or less

New Balance 550 Turtledove

Another New Balance sneaker, the New Balance 550 "Turtledove." Over the past 23 years the New Balance 550 has become one of the most popular sneakers on the market. At one point, similar to the Nike Dunk Low, this was a highly trending sneaker, and everybody wanted them. With great demand comes a great price point, but we are fortunate that present day New Balance 550s can be had at an affordable price just over $100. If you like Nike Dunk Lows but want to avoid the Dunk hype, or if you are just looking for something a bit different, New Balance 550s are a solid option. New Balance 550s come in a ton of classic and essential colorways, but I chose to add the "Turtledove" colorway to this list simply because I'm a sucker for earth tones (colors inspired by earth's natural hues; similar to natural materials and landscapes). This sneaker is clean, can be worn with a lot of different fits, and is an overall classic model that can't be messed up. Switching it up and having something different in the rotation that could also serves as a year-round daily beater is definitely a solid add to the collection. For the perfect everyday fit, check out some simple styles like the Blanched Almond Virtue Tee or the White Smoke Sweatshirt

Nike Dunk Low "Panda"
Retail: $110; Current Market: ≈$120

Nike Dunk Low Panda

Here we are once again, the Nike Dunk Low "Panda." There aren't many sneaker lists, regardless of the list's theme and focus, that can be compiled where the Nike Dunk Low "Panda" doesn't make an appearance in some form or fashion. As an essential piece and staple sneaker in the game right now, the Nike Dunk Low "Panda" is essentially the Tim Duncan of sneakers. I don't have them. I personally don't want them. I don't love them. I don't hate them. However, everybody loves them, you can't go wrong with them, their longevity continues to surpass the hands of time, and you have to respect game. The market price for this sneaker use to be around $300, but thankfully they are now much more affordable. You can find this sneaker for around $120130, or you can catch them on a restock and pay $110 retail plus tax. This sneaker restocks nearly every other week at this point. The Nike Dunk Low "Panda" is a great option, and when we consider longevity, classic appeal, ease of wear, and general public love and acknowledgement, it is mentioned in the same breath as the standard all white Nike Air Force 1 Low. Overall, this sneaker just makes sense. The neutral black and white "Panda" colorway provides a ton of freedom and flexibility to wear with many different fits that can be dressed up or dressed down. Everyone loves it, and you can't go wrong with it. For a streetwear look, consider pairing with a Black Hoodie. For a more luxury look, consider pairing with a Black Sweatshirt.

1. Air Jordan 7 "Citrus"
Retail: $200; Current Market: ≈$150

Air Jordan 7 Citrus

The Air Jordan 7 "Citrus." Retros. OGs. Originally released back in 2006, this sneaker made it's return on 08/13/22. If nothing else, this sneaker is a great option to consider adding to your rotation just to add some variability to your collection and to deviate from the Jordan Brand norm. The Air Jordan 1, 4, and 11 are the typical silhouettes that everybody wants, and a lot of people sleep on the Air Jordan 7s. The good news is that results in us being able to cop a classic sneaker for well below the initial retail price. The Air Jordan 7 "Citrus" features a black suede upper, with citrus stitching that gives it life, along with subtle accents and hits of citrus and varsity red throughout. This is a clean, classic sneaker that is fit for the summer time, the fall time, or really anytime. This sneaker is a great starter option for anyone just getting into the game or for anyone just looking to add an affordable retro to their collection. Looking for the perfect fit to match? No better place to start than the Malcolm X Typographic Portraiture Tee, the Barack Obama Typographic Portraiture Tee, or a bold Red Hoodie!

Cherchez L'amont Crew Socks With Air Jordan 4 Sneakers

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The sneakers on this list are affordable options for whatever your sneaker needs may be: stepping into the sneaker game (no pun intended), transforming your already existing sneaker collection, or just picking up a nice new pair. Do you agree or disagree with the list? What about the order? Which one is your favorite? What got left off that should have been included? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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